Back in the 1980s, searching for a place that we could call home, my family and I found Gudiolo.  The ruined walls were overgrown with ivy, mint grew wild in each room, a fig tree reigned in the middle of what would become the loggia. We fell in love with the stones, the view, and the smell of herbs. The restoration took several years, and while the work went forward, my children and I would return every summer to enjoy the beauty and peace of the place.

In 2009, I decided to leave my job in Zurich and come to live full time in Gudiolo.  Since then, many old friends have come to visit. They always return, and often bring new friends who have become regulars at Gudiolo as well.

Now that my children are grown and off on their own journeys,  I am happy to offer Gudiolo for rent from May to October.